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Who We Are 

Experienced Experts for Special Projects

Seeliger Drilling Services was founded in the United Arab Emirates in April 2000 by Joerg Frank Seeliger in Abu Dhabi. 

Our professional experience in the field Horizontal Directional Drilling began in March 1991 in Germany. 

Through our years of experience and good cooperation with manufacturers and suppliers, we can assist you in a wide spectrum.

We give you professional support.

Joerg Seeliger


CEO & Founder of Seeliger Drilling Services

Special Project Expertise

Short overview since the foundation of SDS

drilling progress


Since 2001 we have monitored and drilled 43 tunnels (over 1300 borehole) with grouting pipes or a steel pipe arch.

All drill holes were completed to an accuracy of +/- 3 cm, we drilled a total of 57.481 m.

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horizontal filter well
pipe push machine
shaft for filter well

Drinking Water Wells

We support the production of drinking water wells.

Construction management and execution of the work in the shaft.

power plant Lippendorf

Project consulting, planning and monitoring

  • We provide consulting services
  • Planning services
  • Monitoring services

Custom Systems

We develop special systems for you that are precisely tailored to your needs.

Thanks to our many years of experience, developments and specialist knowledge, we can offer you a wide range of support.

soil stabilization, UAE
Target for optical pilot drilling

Ultra Precision Drilling

Exact drill holes up to 139 m with a tolerance of +/- 1 cm, very shallow below Abu Dhabi highways.

In 2021, we completed 185 drillings, a total of 12156 m of soil stabilization drilling was completed under the highways above the 17 micro-tunnel drillings ranging in diameter from 2,000 mm to 3,000 mm.

work in the contaminated well
Target of pilot drilling
shaft for horizontal filter

Contamination Drilling

Special drillings for filter wells in the contaminated area.

2 pilot bores, 2 x 72 m long at a depth of 16.5 m, to over-drill with a pipe jacking DIA 470 mm.

landfill drilling

HDD Project Planning

The essential part of any any project in planning. Our 30+ yeas’ of experience planning of HDD projects pays off.

Drilling Planner Development

Development of drilling planners for HDD drilling, for cable-guided and "walk-over" measuring systems.

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Offshore drilling 2300m
offshore drilling

Surveying & Supervision

Surveying engineer and supervision for hdd projects.

We used a Russian-made wireline guidance system for 2300 m of parallel tracking.

DIA 1370 mm to recover a micro tunnel head
micro tunnel head
HDT site in Doha

Thrust Boring and Recovery

Horizontal directional thrust boring 30 m with Dia 1470 mm.

Recovery of a stuck micro tunnel system.

 Highly Trained and Experienced

Our highly skilled team are the backbone of our operations. 

All staff are expertly trained - we only employ the best.

Systems Rental 

DigiTrak complete set inclusive  F5 Dual 

Freq. 19 & 12 kHz 15"Long range transmitter 0.1 Pitch

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S.D.S. Office M 09, 1 Mshaybi St, Al Nahyan E25, Building with Galleria Cafe,  Abu Dhabi,  United Arab Emirates

Seeliger Drilling Services, founded on April 15, 2000, in the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi by Joerg Frank Seeliger.

Our professional experience in Horizontal Directional Drilling began in March 1991 in Germany. In 2001, we built the first pedestrian tunnel in Abu Dhabi in cooperation with Bauer International.

SDS is an international company offering its engineering and consulting services worldwide. Especially in the HDD area, HDD tunnel construction and well construction.


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