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Tunnel in Doha

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2013, Doha, Bauer Quatar, UCC

First tunnel through ground stabilization in Doha, Corniche Souk Waqif, 58 m long.

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2012, Austria, RBS

Several drilling under buildings and railways.

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2011, South Africa, TRG, Vaal River

Several drillings for gas pipe line

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2011, Sankt Petersburg, CMY 303

Two parallel offshore drilling each 2400 m long for the "Nord Stream" pipeline

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2011, Abu Dhabi, Bauer International

Nation Tower Tunnel, 98 m parallel drilling for grouting and soil stabilization.

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2010, Taiwan

6 parallel drillings for a bundle with 16 HDPE 110 mm each under a river over 450 m length.

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2010, Taiwan

2 x offshore drilling over 450 m for power cable to Liuqiu Island.

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2009, Uzbekistan, Neftgazmontaj

2. drilling over 1000 m length for the gas pipeline diameter 1022 mm under the river Amu Darya in Nukus.

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2009, South Africa - Muntzini, TRG

900 m long drilling under the jungle for the glass fiber submarine cable, 

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2009, Nigeria, Warri Delta

several HDD drilling in the Warri Delta to renew the old oil pipeline.

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2009, Iran, Herrenknecht

River crossing for a gas pipeline

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2008, Uzbekistan, Neftgazmontaj

First drilling over 1000 m length for the gas pipeline diameter 1022 mm under the river Amu Darya in Nukus.

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2007, Russland, Ufa

several HDD drillings for a gas pipeline under rivers in Ufa

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2007, Polen, JT

HDD drilling for a gas pipe Dia 1000 mm

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2007, Germany, Neuburg Airbase

HDD drilling at the military airport for the runway lights.

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2007, Germany, Kiel, Max-Wild GmbH

HDPE pipe diameter 355 mm over 660 m with a 40 ton plant, we drilled through boulders.

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2006, Uzbekistan, Neftgazmontaj

First drilling for gas pipeline Dia 1022 mm under the Amu Darya river by Nukus over 1000 m.

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2006, Portugal, Lissabon

Various drilling and staff training

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2006, Norway, Bergen

Several hundred meters of rock drilling under the district of Bergen.

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2006, Egypt, Suez, MEC

600 m drilling under the Suez Canal

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2006, Egypt, Cairo, MEC

Various drilling and staff training

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2005, Abu Dhabi, ANABEEB

HDD crossing for a HDPE Dia 900 mm length 650 m next to the Mussafah Bridge.

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2004, Saudi - Shaybah, ANABEEB

First drilling for Saudi Aramco in Shaybah under the sand dunes for an oil pipeline.

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2001 - 2004, Abu Dhabi, Bauer Intern.

We built 21 pedestrian tunnels in the city of Abu Dhabi, with a conventional HDD walk-over measuring technique with an accuracy of 2 cm, very shallow below Abu Dhabi highways.

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S.D.S. Office M 09, 1 Mshaybi St, Al Nahyan E25, Building with Galleria Cafe,  Abu Dhabi,  United Arab Emirates

Seeliger Drilling Services, founded on April 15, 2000, in the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi by Joerg Frank Seeliger.

Our professional experience in Horizontal Directional Drilling began in March 1991 in Germany. In 2001, we built the first pedestrian tunnel in Abu Dhabi in cooperation with Bauer International.

SDS is an international company offering its engineering and consulting services worldwide. Especially in the HDD area, HDD tunnel construction and well construction.


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